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Success Stories 39, and Still Growing!

By Sirus, LA

At 39, I may as well have given up. But my will and desire to be taller far outweighed my age and circumstances. I guess I am an example of focus and determination as well as perseverance because now at 41, I am two inches taller and feel better about myself than I ever did during my twenties and thirties.

I was diagnosed with scoliosis when I was a teen. Scoliosis is a curvature of the spine. My case was mild but I did feel shorter than average height. Over the years I became conscious about my height and spinal problem but never bothered to do anything about it.

However, when I started complaining to my doctor about spinal pain and uncomfort, he told me that my condition was only gonna get worse with time. That is when I started looking for a way to combat my problem.

While surfing the web, I discovered betaller.com's stretching exercise program which tickled my fancy because it talked about increasing my height. I emailed them for support and Irwin responded immediately. I asked Irwin whether it was safe to perform the stretching exercises under my circumstances and he replied promptly. He stated that it was safe under certain conditions since the exercises are designed for many spinal alignment problems.

Well, I took his word and decided to get myself the Grow Taller book and a six month supply of Growth Enhancer Plus™. I contacted my doctor and asked him whether I could proceed with the exercises and he reviewed the book and said YES!

I was so excited to start the exercises and followed every instruction in the book. During the first month the program consisted of stretching exercises that developed the muscles that support my spine. I applied every exercise with vigor and intensity and this increased my back muscle strength. I noticed my back was thinner and more athletic looking as well as toned. I could also flex muscles on my back that I never new I had.

During the second month, I began to feel taller and my posture began to improve. The pain associated with my condition was slowly going away and my wife noticed that my posture was improving due to the stretching exercises. I also felt more energetic and less stressed which I attribute to the Growth Enhancer Plus™ pills.

By the third month, I noticed that my spine was straighter and my neck was longer. I also measured my height and could not believe that I was an inch taller! I measured my height day and night to see whether the height was permanent or not. To my amazement it was and this motivated me even more. I continued the exercises with intensity and could already picture myself taller and without any problems associated with my problem.

My condition kept improving and my posture and self-esteem began to rise. During the fourth month I continued to grow and I added about 1/2 which was amazing since I have scoliosis! Then I noticed that my lifestyle began to change. I began to eat healthier and set some time to run at least three times per week.

Talk about feeling young, the exercise and change of lifestyle made me feel younger than when I was in my thirties. Also, my posture not only made me look confident about myself but also helped get a better position at my job. I became a supervisor and my salary increased. I attribute that to my increased height as well as improved posture.

I am in my fifth month now and know that the experience I have acquired from performing the stretching exercises will keep me looking and feeling younger for years to come. So far, I increased my height by 2 1/2 inches and think I will gain about one more inch of height by the six month. I recommend betaller.com's Grow Taller book and Growth Enhancer Plus™ pills to anyone that wants to be taller and feel a heck of alot better.~*

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5 Ways To Grow Taller

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